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Sanguine Crew

Kids Bamboo Lounge Pants

Kids Bamboo Lounge Pants

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Whether you're relaxing on the couch or snuggled in bed, our Sanguine Crew all day lounge wear pants are perfect for any occasion. 

Mindfully made and crafted in breathable organically bamboo, with a wide jacquard elastic waistband, our lounge wear is soft simple and sustainable for sensory distress, with no scratchy seams, or waist bands to tight or to lose that it would slip off.  Slouchy drape for a casual yet stylish look, with inched ankles to keep pants in place.  


Bamboo material. Please note: due to Australian Standards, we do have a fire warning tag on this product, it has been made with the softest material we could source.

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Our Product Benefits

All our clothing is carefully crafted using the most breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics available. Our clothes are designed to provide comfort and style. We have taken extra care in the design of our product. All necklines are larger than other clothing, especially the hoodie, super handy at the end of the day when you just can't wait to get those tops off. Socks are all made from bamboo, they are thin and have a seamless feel. Knits that don't itch and won't overheat you, both the beanie and jumper are made from Bamboo wool. Pants and Shorts that don't restrict in anyway but are also tight enough that you don't have that extra material floating around and getting in your way.

Why we use Bamboo, we use it because it is an extremely soft, breathable, great for hot weather and also insulating so it can also be worn in winter, its moisture wicking and also anti-bacterial. Its hypoallergenic, meaning its great for people with sensitive skin. 

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