About Us

Neurodivergent Family Doing Their Best

Hey there, we are the Manneken's, and we are so glad that you have come to check out our Crew. We started this journey after our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, a few years later, we have discovered that our family is filled with Autism, ADHD and LOVE.

We wanted to try and eliminate some  meltdowns by limiting clothing irritation, but more than anything we want other families to understand that they are not alone, we are in this with you and we think you are INCREDIBLE!!! 

Our Story

As a family of 6, all with sensory issues, we understand the struggles that people with sensory sensitivity face when it comes to finding comfortable and fashionable clothing.

That’s why we decided to design a range of sensory sensitive clothing that is as comfortable as it is stylish.

All our clothing is carefully crafted using the most breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics available.

Our clothes are designed to provide comfort and style. We have taken extra care in the design of our product.

All necklines are larger than other clothing, especially the hoodie, super handy at the end of the day when you just can't wait to get those tops off.

Socks are all made from bamboo, they are thin and have a seamless feel. Knits that don't itch and won't overheat you, both the beanie and jumper are made from Bamboo wool.

Pants and Shorts that don't restrict in anyway but are also tight enough that you don't have that extra material floating around and getting in your way. The main reason for creating our brand is that we want everyone to feel included and to know that if you don't look or act like the person next to you, that's ok and we think you should celebrate your individuality.

All of our clothing is unisex and some of the items have the slogan "I am incredible and so are you".

Meet our Crew

You are not alone, we are in this with you and we think you are INCREDIBLE!!! 

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